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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Athens, GA


                            Before                                                                                               After


Here is a case of a Six Implant Placement Supported Bridge. This patient came to us looking to have her smile restored so that she would feel confident to smile again. Dr. Kim did a fantastic job helping her achieve just that!  Picture one is after implants had been placed with about 5 months of healing time. Picture two was after implant bridge had been seated.


                       Before                                                                                    After


This patient came to us for a cosmetic restoraion of their front teeth. The first picture is before and the second picture is after Dr. Kim created beautiful Zirconia Crowns.


                            Before                                                                                                After


This is the before and after for a patient that wanted to replace the restoration on his front teeth and make them look like his other natural teeth. The after picture is after the placement of two Zirconia Crowns that Dr. Kim created.